Sustainable Quality

Sustainable Quality

Welcome to Savvy

Welcome to Savvy - your partner for sustainability in construction. We are your trusted partner for comprehensive due diligence, sustainability assessments and quality control. Kontaktieren Sie uns noch heute, um gemeinsam eine zielführende Lösung für Ihr Bauprojekt zu finden und Ihnen langfristig eine nachhaltigere Zukunft zu sichern.

Technical due diligence ESG, due diligence sustainability and DGNB

  • Identify opportunities and risks
  • Increasing investment security

Monitoring (techn.) for construction and existing properties

  • Recognizing changes
  •  Early influence 
  • Review of maintenance plans and expert inspections

Process support + documentation, Sustainability for Public

  • Data rooms
  • Technical support on site
  • Sustainability consulting
  • EU taxonomy
  • ESG

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